Investir Day 2023


Byron E. Loflin


Vice President & Global Head of Board Engagement Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence


Byron Loflin is Global Head of Board Engagement at Nasdaq, where he leads board assessments and Boardroom Engagement services. He is the founder and former CEO of the Center for Board Excellence (CBE) – acquired by Nasdaq in 2019 – and was the architect of CBE’s unique board software and engagement platform. Byron is also the founder of the Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence that serves as Nasdaq’s corporate governance content and collaboration community. For 15 years prior to CBE, Byron was CEO of Select Homes, now a part of the Berkshire Hathaway. Byron is recognized for developing unique products that address business dynamics, corporate culture, accountability, and performance. His experience and expertise are in the design and administration of assessments and advising board chairs, boards, committees, directors and executive management in a range of corporate governance matters, including strategic alignment, best practices, board refreshment, diversity, and corporate governance planning. Byron is a graduate of Harvard Business School (OPM) and James Madison University (BA). He is a member of a variety of corporate governance institutes and organizations globally. Recently published works include: “Anticipation and the Law of Unintended Consequences”, International Banker Spring 2023; “ESG in the Bank Boardroom 2022”, International Banker, March 2022; From Good to Great: Three KPIs of Effective Board Leaders (written with Joan Conley), January 2022; “Achieving Excellence in a New Era of Corporate Governance”, Savoy Network, November 2021; “The Path to Strength and Resiliency: Why Human Capital Management Matters”, Nasdaq, August 2021; “Achieving Excellence in a New Era” Nasdaq, April 2021; “Why Banking Leadership (Still) Matters” International Banker March 2021; “Future Ready Boards,” Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, February 2021; “The Relationology of Future Banking,” International Banker, Winter 2020; “Love Your Neighbor,” International Banker Spring 2019; “Guide to Board Assessments,” Corporate Board Member June 2019; “Reboot, Not Refresh,” International Banker Spring 2018; “Board Evaluations: Getting Aligned,” published by Nasdaq 2017; “Six Reasons Digital D&O Questionnaires Streamline Proxy Disclosure,” published by Nasdaq 2017.

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