Investir Day 2023


Sonia Tatar

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre

Executive Director


Sonia is an Executive Director at INSEAD Centres of Excellence in Corporate Governance and Family Business. She has extensive experience in leadership and governance practices in private and public companies combined with more than 25 years of educational expertise. She has been an active member of several Boards and Governance Groups for the past 10 years and is currently a member of the Advisory Board of Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence and member of the board of Chapter Zero France under the umbrella of the Governance Initiative of the World Economic Forum. Sonia is also engaged with the INSEAD Global Directors Network Board and Maisha Bioremediation & Innovation Advisory Board. Prior to this, Sonia served on the Governance Working Group of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), was a member of IDIAP Search Committee under the Foundation of the Research Institute, a former member of the boards of the Global Lodging Forum with MKG Group and Les Roches Global Hospitality Education serving the Institutions in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Sonia was also a member of the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges in US and the Association of private schools in Switzerland. Across her career span, Sonia has worked with different stakeholders and predominantly with family owners, investors, and shareholders in multinational organizations around the world. She has held senior leadership positions, notably as a Chief Operating Officer of a global educational institution and Director General of two start-up family-owned businesses in the hospitality sector. As a strong advocate for thought leadership, Sonia is frequently invited as a guest speaker to various conferences and contributes to the development of applied research in trending topics related to corporate governance and family business. In 2017, Sonia was nominated among the “100 leading personalities” the movers and shakers making the Suisse Romande and recognized as the “Exporter of Knowledge”. In 2013, she was recognized as “Women of Power” in the Swiss Alps region.

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